Operational Optimization

Ensures ongoing, timely, cost-effective, reliable, and sustainable performance improvements in all facets of its operations. Minimizes resource use, loss, and impacts from day-to-day operations. Maintains awareness of information and operational technology developments to anticipate and support timely adoption of improvements.

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Developing a Public Works Operations Manual
An operations manual is an essential asset to any agency, but there’s no standard that will fit all agencies. However, there are some common, key elements that should be included in any operations manual, and this book will identify them and teach you how to use them. Learn how to ensure smooth transitions in your workforce, guard against the risk of lost information, and provide consistently good service to your community. (56 pages, 2006) $$ Order Now

Get on the Same Page! Operations Manual to the Rescue
Does everybody “do their own thing” when it comes to performing essential job functions? If so, an operations manual can serve many purposes in your agency. It can function as a training document, enhance public awareness, describe levels of service and include detailed procedures for responding to emergencies. Most importantly, an operations manual can serve as a repository for your agency’s institutional memory – the knowledge and experience of your veteran employees. (CDROM, 2005) $$ Order Now

Public Works Administration
This book synthesizes the professional experiences of nearly a dozen public works professional and provides the most up to date reference book available to public works managers today. (2007) $$ Order Now

Selection and Definition of Performance Indicators for Water and Wastewater Utilities
This report traces the development of the 22 performance indicators, or benchmarks, that form the basis of the QualServe Benchmarking Clearinghouse program for water and wastewater utilities. The 22 indicators are organized by QualServe’s framework of five business areas.2004 – Softbound – 125 pp. ISBN 158321304X; Catalog No. 90970 $$ Order Now