Keys to Management Success — Leadership

A consistent theme throughout Committee discussions and focus group observations was the critical role leadership plays in effective utility management, particularly in the context of driving and inspiring change within an organization. In this context, the term “leaders” refers both to individuals who can be effective champions for improvement, and to leadership teams that provide resilient, day-to-day management continuity and direction. Effective leadership ensures the utility’s direction is understood, embraced, and followed on an ongoing basis throughout the management cycle. It further reflects a commitment to organizational excellence, leading by example to establish and reinforce an organizational culture that embraces change and strives for continual improvement.


Building on the Basics: Core Competencies in Public Works
Are you a leader or a manager? Do you know the difference? This collection of articles, written by APWA leaders, will help you understand the core competencies that are important for the leader or manager and, hopefully, provide some direction for self-improvement. Use these experience and insight of these public works leaders to help you reach your own highest potential. $$ Order Now

Executive Newsletter
Managers and executives at water and wastewater treatment plants will find Utility Executive of interest. The publication keeps today’s utility leader up-to-date by focusing on such pertinent business issues as public private partnerships, capital financing options, strategic planning methods, public outreach approaches, and staff development. Click here for more information

Leadership in the New Age of Public Works with John Luthy
Dr. John Luthy, long time public works advocate and president of the Futures Corporation, insists that it is time for public works to step into a new era of visible and proactive community leadership. Don’t miss this opportunity to explore evolving new rules for public works leaders, leadership competencies needed for enhancing these new roles, hard realties of recruitment, retention and employee development. (CDROM, 2004) $$ Order Now

UTILITY SUPERVISION: Conflict Solving for the New Supervisor
This two-hour audio and visual program, on CD, is for anyone who has had little supervisory training, but oversees the activities of others. Learn how to recognize conflict in the workplace and effective methods for diffusing it. Gain ideas from real public works examples on how to be a stronger and more effective leader when conflict occurs. (CDROM 2002) $$ Order Now