Keys to Management Success — Organizational Approaches

Utility managers have identified a variety of organizational approaches as part of overall effective utility management and critical to the success of management improvement efforts. These include:

  • Establishing a “participatory organizational culture” that actively seeks to engage employees in improvement efforts (e.g., establishing management improvement, employee empowerment, and cross-functional teams);
  • Deploying an explicit change management process that anticipates and plans for change and encourages staff and managers to embrace rather than resist change; and
  • Utilizing implementation strategies that seek early, step-wise victories that help utilities get started and remain motivated.


Managing the Water and Wastewater Utility
This book is founded on the understanding that the scaffold on which successful water and wastewater utilities thrive has three legs: (1) Leadership, especially interpersonal relationships and communication skills; (2) Management, especially planning and control skills; and (3) Continuous growth and renewal of core knowledge and skills, especially customer-centered business skills and infrastructure asset management. The authors, speaking from on-the-job experience, stress the importance of leadership and management skills, and the core understanding of the utility business. This book is designed to help transform the specialist into a leader, and is the ideal textbook for the student or young professional studying to become a utility manager. Gain a foundation of knowledge and an array of experience-based opinions in preparation of successful management career. Highlights include: leadership, budgeting and fiscal control, managing O&M, design and capital improvements and the role of information technology. (288 pages, 2004) $$ Order Now