Keys to Management Success — Strategic Business Planning

Strategic business planning emerges as an important tool for helping utilities strike an effective balance among, and drive integration and cohesion across, the Attributes. Strategic business planning involves taking a long-term view of utility goals and operations and establishing, in that context, an explicit vision and mission that drive and guide utility objectives, measurement efforts, investments, and operations.


It’s Your Move: Strategic Planning for Public Works Administrators
The mission of a well-run public works agency is to provide its citizens with the services they have decided to pay for, and to do it to the best of its ability, which takes planning. This book provides a framework for public works professionals to develop a sense of mission, a vision of the future, reporting systems, operational procedures, operating plans and strategic planning documents. (88 pages, 2007) $$ Order Now

Thinking Strategically-The Plan, The Process, The Reality
Learn how strategically approaching the delivery of public works services and projects, and the development of important public works policies can improve the acceptance, appreciation, and success of public works initiatives. (CDROM 2007) $$ Order Now