Water Resource Adequacy

Ensures water availability consistent with current and future customer needs through long-term resource supply and demand analysis, conservation, and public education. Explicitly considers its role in water availability and manages operations to provide for long-term aquifer and surface water sustainability and replenishment.

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Decision Support System for Sustainable Water Supply Planning
Long-term water supply planning (50- to 100-year horizon) offers planners the opportunity to consider a wide range of management alternatives and to balance social, economic, financial, and environmental factors in defining an appropriate future course of action. A computerized decision support system (DSS) is essential to aid the planner in evaluating the many options in long-term planning. Such a decision support system has been developed in this research and is included with the report. The DSS allows for evaluation of multiple future water management scenarios which integrate social, financial, economic, and environmental analyses that are requisite for sustainable, long-term water supply planning. 2007 – Softbound – 67 pp. ISBN 158321528X; Catalog No. 91107 $$ Order Now

Good Until the Last Drop: A Practitioner’s Guide to Water Reuse
Only a fortunate few have the luxury of plentiful supplies of unused potable water. Growing populations, especially in semi-arid areas, requires careful use of available fresh water resources and thoughtful consideration for reusing treated wastewater. This book is public utility professionals, to provide an understanding of the important consideration needed to capture the greatest value from the recycled water resource. (96 pages, 2005) $$ Order Now

Water: a Life Saving Commodity
This 2 hour CD-ROM provides an enlightened discussion on the future of water management and provides relevant case studies. (CDROM, 2003) $$ Order Now

Water-A Precious Resource in Diminished Supply
Retain and reuse more of your groundwater or surface water supply. Hear from experts on ways to ensure your community safe and dependable water supply and prepare for water emergencies. (CDROM, 2008) $$ Order Now

Water Conservation Plan Guidelines
These guidelines provide information to water systems planners to help them develop local and state-wide water conservation plans. These voluntary guidelines provide information on water conservation planning, criteria, guidelines and measures, as well as how to incorporate water conservation into infrastructure planning. (August 1998) Free Download Now

Water Resources Sustainability
This manual includes information for analyzing water resource needs, modeling supply reliability, security, climate change effects, growth impacts, and case studies. (330 pages, 2006). $$ Order Now